Meet the Author

Greetings, dear Astrid enthusiasts! Allow me to introduce myself as Tessa Jensen, the humble scribe chosen by Astrid. In my abode, I share my hearth with one husband, four untamed offspring, two faithful hounds, a feline companion, a profound fondness for the untarnished English language, and a most distressing dread of reptilian creatures. Amongst my peculiar attributes, I excel at retaining water, navigating social interactions with considerable awkwardness, and conjuring the direst of scenarios with ease. When I am not busy with the rigors of homeschooling or the art of storytelling, I find solace in the realms of reading, the culinary arts, partaking in spirited flights of foot, and the delicate process of adding to my pile of unfinished craft projects.

Because I love my readers, I am open to conversations and requests!

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